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Quiz scoring with variables


Use this feature to create quiz logic by counting numeric values (+ or -) in variables assigned to the user.


This option is available only for numeric variables.

How to change the variable type to increment

  1. In the editor, create the Set variable module.
  2. Select a numeric variable from the variables list, or create a new numeric variable.
  3. Click on the button with the = icon, between the variable name and value.
  4. From the dropdown list, select the Increment option.


Countable values

Use any numeric value. Add the minus symbol - to deduct the value.

Example: In this scenario, the user will be assigned 3 values of variable quiz_points. The equation will be 5 + 4 - 3 = 6.


Comparing values (conditional logic)

  1. In the editor, create the Compare variable module.
  2. Create new options by clicking on + Add Variable.
  3. Select one of 4 options to match your preferences:
    1. Exact match (value)
    2. Range (min value - max value)
    3. Less than (value)
    4. More than (value)
  4. Fill in the values and connect every option to the next module.