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Edit design


PrimaryPrimary buttons (e.g. Buttons in the Media module)
SecondarySecondary buttons (e.g. confirmations)
BackgroundThe background behind options and input fields

Transparent background - Removes background color behind buttons. The background is only visible behind the text (e.g. text block in the media module)

Mutual setting

This setting is mutual for Pop-Up and Banner, e.g. changes in Pop-Up will take effect in Banner as well.

Avatar (Pop-Up only)

Define the shape and content of the collapsed pop-up widget.

  • Media - Add image, video or gif
  • Shape - Select one of the pre-defined shapes, or use transparent
  • Hide avatar on mobile - Prevent avatar from appearing on mobile devices

Welcome message and Welcome screen

Add a personalized message for your visitor to be shown either in Collapsed avatar (Pop-Up) or on the Welcome screen on the Banner.

  • Button text (Banner only) - Edit the CTA button text. If empty, the button will not be shown.

Media settings

  • Transition type
    1. Fade in - previous content will fade out, next content will fade in
    2. Slide in - next content will slide to the view port
    3. Cut - no special effect applies
  • Split view (Banner only) - Split the content and elements area (e.g. buttons, text).

Other settings

  • Restart session - Starts a new session on each page visit or load.
  • Enable subtitles - If subtitles are available, they will be shown by default. They can be still enabled/disabled from the video control bar of the widget.
  • Hide branding - Hide logo displayed in the bottom left corner.