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Dashboard analytics

ImpressionsHow many times your widget was loaded.
New SessionsUsers who activated your widget by opening the Pop-Up window or clicking anywhere within the banner zone.
Prompts per TypeA number of received responses (prompts) from users. Categorized by type: text, audio, video, mail, number, attachment.
InteractionsHow many times within one session does the user interact (e.g. clicked) with your widget.
Most Used Entry PointsIf you have multiple entry points in your dialogues - you can see how many times they were entered.
Traffic SourcesSee from which URL your users are entering into your scena widget.
Outgoing TrafficSee where your users left off. This is especially useful if you sent them to any external URL within your dialogues.
Custom GoalsSet up your own metrics to measure user engagement, learn how users move through the flow, or simply set up any KPIs you can imagine.