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  1. Navigate to the Share Page via the main menu.
  2. Click on the + icon.
  3. Fill out the fields in the modal window.
    1. New scene name - the name of your widget (visible only on the Share page)
    2. Dialogue - the dialogue to be shown as 1st upon loading your widget
    3. Entry point - entry point to be used as the starting point for the content

You are allowed to use only published dialogues.

Widget types

There are 2 main widget types:

  1. Banner
  2. Pop-Up

Embed or share with URL. URL will be hosted on domain.

Pop-Up widget

Deploy the Pop-Up widget on your webpage in the right or left corner, use multiple pre-defined shapes, change the colors to match your brand, and adapt other settings to fit your preferences.

Edit design


PrimaryPrimary buttons (e.g. Buttons in the Media module)
SecondarySecondary buttons (e.g. confirmations)
BackgroundThe background behind options and input fields

Transparent background - Removes background color behind buttons. The background is only visible behind the text (e.g. text block in the media module)

Mutual setting

This setting is mutual for Pop-Up and Banner, e.g. changes in Pop-Up will take effect in Banner as well.

Avatar (Pop-Up only)

Define the shape and content of the collapsed pop-up widget.

  • Media - Add image, video or gif
  • Shape - Select one of the pre-defined shapes, or use transparent
  • Hide avatar on mobile - Prevent avatar from appearing on mobile devices

Welcome message and Welcome screen

Add a personalized message for your visitor to be shown either in Collapsed avatar (Pop-Up) or on the Welcome screen on the Banner.

  • Button text (Banner only) - Edit the CTA button text. If empty, the button will not be shown.

Media settings

  • Transition type
    1. Fade in - previous content will fade out, next content will fade in
    2. Slide in - next content will slide to the view port
    3. Cut - no special effect applies
  • Split view (Banner only) - Split the content and elements area (e.g. buttons, text).

Other settings

  • Restart session - Starts a new session on each page visit or load.
  • Enable subtitles - If subtitles are available, they will be shown by default. They can be still enabled/disabled from the video control bar of the widget.
  • Hide branding - Hide logo displayed in the bottom left corner.